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Forty-seven Easy Steps to Qualifying for Large-scale Roadside Work


Red Tape Hurdles to Working on Roadside Landscape ProjectsAs a landscape designer, you may wish to participate in projects involving state rights of way. In addition to learning the relevant policies and procedures, consulting experienced designers for mentoring help, and researching the unique challenges of roadside horticulture, you will need to qualify with your state transportation agency. My firm will be a small, but essential part of a team of engineers and technical experts on a major road endeavor for the next few years. Preparing for participation was a bit time-consuming. Here’s a list of some of the components of qualifying to join the group.

  • Proof of past experience with similar projects
  • Understanding the agency’s invoicing and procurement software
  • Learning the procurement process
  • Avoiding conflict of interest
  • Cost estimates
  • Net worth records
  • Equipment inventory
  • Record  of former contracts
  • Immigration affidavits and e-Verify forms
  • Business Profit and Loss
  • DBE and/or MBE qualification
  • Loan records
  • Corporation records
  • Resume and skills summary
  • Salary records
  • Insurance proof
  • Prequalification for a specific area class of work
  • NAICS codes
  • Quality and program control plans
  • Vendor registration
  • Licenses and certifications
  • Numbers – lots of numbers

It’s daunting to face the paperwork, but accountability is mandatory for the agency. Taxpayers are funding the projects. Start gathering and saving any and all records. You will need them for the qualification process.

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