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Maintenance is the Deciding Point

crosswalk designFor streetscapes, special crosswalk paving can add human dimension and design continuity with the sidewalks and planter boxes. Embedding pavers into vehicular traffic areas can cause problems, though. When resurfacing is needed, who will pay for the removal and rebuilding of the expensive pavement treatment? If a plan and an escrow maintenance budget line item are not in place, then it would be much better to incorporate stamped concrete or stamped asphalt into crosswalk treatments, rather than individual paver units.

Paver units for vehicular areas need density to handle truck traffic weights. Regular bricks look great when they first go in, but quickly split and flake when subjected to tire turning and heavy loads. It’s an expensive mistake to use regular brick for crosswalks. If you have the luxury of individual paver units and the maintenance budget to handle resurfacing changes, use colored concrete pavers instead.


The Pros and Cons of Decorative Crosswalks